Do you need something in particular from the image on your screen? Take it as a windows 10 screenshot partial and highlight only the important thing

Do you know how to take a screenshot on windows 10? We have all used them on multiple occasions to share information, but there are opportunities in which we want to focus on something in particular of the content that we have on screen. This is where the screenshot windows 10 become important.

Do you want to know how to take a screenshot windows 10, but not of the whole screen but of a part of it?

It could not be simpler, just press 3 keys, Windows or menu depending on your keyboard, shift, and S, and you will immediately notice that the screen brightness decreases and a cross will appear instead of the cursor. Begin to select what you need to share from your computer screen, do “control v” and that’s it, stick it where you need it. Information such as windows 10 screenshot will be available to be added to an email or to any file with which you are working.

The screenshot that you require may be that of a window, in this case obtaining screenshot windows 10 is also extremely simple. It will not require bothersome editing processes to forward or save only one of the windows that you have active on your monitor.

Windows 10 allows you to place up to four different windows on the screen; this is the dream of people who love doing several things at once. In this case you may need to share the information of only one of the windows, if you are thinking that you will have to do tedious editing processes, the good news is that now and only to position yourself on what you need, pressing the Alt key and PrtScr will get the windows screen capture that needs ready to be forwarded, without the need for any additional effort. This is undoubtedly good news more than Windows 10 has for its users.
Master the screenshot of Windows10, just remembering a few key combinations.