What is Ontology Network? Trust for the exchange of data.

Confidence is a problem that had not been resolved in the world of cryptography, and that is one of the main characteristics of the ONT Coin. This kind of exciting and ambitious project came to be by Onchain, along with the successful Neo Intelligent Economy. This kind of new project was created in order to connect and scan governments and financial systems, allowing them to hold the necessary confidence to satisfy the requirements of different nations and industries, and allow them to evolve so that all parties feel comfortable interconnecting their particular data chains.

Ontology aims to produce a decentralized trust environment through an infrastructure of distributed, private and public, modular, connectable and extensible wholesale guides that can be interoperable and furthermore able to combine with other blockchain projects in the world.
With this particular great undertaking, we could say the main focus of Onchain is to offer digital Ontology Balance sheet Wallet engineering for companies and government authorities through its own open source network acting as a template regarding blockchain.
This new NEO Ontology project is providing a number of Ontology Token s to support a joint ecosystem and will probably be managed by the Neo Council, who in turn introduced that they will be launched from the air as part of the donation from the Ontology team towards the NEO Council. The particular Airdrop ONT ratio is going to be 0.A couple of ONT. The overview of the ONT NEO deals with will be performed at block 1974823, and the delivery of the first ONT Token will be completed in the months after 03 1.
With https://www.neonbeginner.com we advise you browse the technical paperwork of Ontology, this particular project together with great prospective, which is incapable of become the method of application and dominant have confidence in. If you want to know what the Ontology Community is and how to get ONT Balance sheet Wallet we are going to take you presently there with simple links.